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I am drawn creatively to the impact that sound design has on a theatrical production. I thrive in a scenario where my collaborative contribution can shine through with emotion and clarity. In my practice as a sound designer or engineer, I use audio to enhance the storytelling and assist the director in delivering the sonic elements of their thematic vision.


As a sound mixer, I can affect the live performance in a more immediate way while still utilizing my design sensibilities. In effect, I become a member of the ensemble: a performer in the production. It is a closer connection to the medium through the real-time acoustic manipulation of each performance.

My studies at California Institute of the Arts (MFA Sound Design) and the University of Pittsburgh (BA Theatre Arts) have led to collaborations with directors, designers, and technicians at many theatre companies, including: Musical Theatre West, Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, St. Michael's Playhouse, Pittsburgh Public Theater, PICT Classic Theatre, Rogue Machine Theatre, Resonance Works | Pittsburgh, among others. I am looking for new professional collaborations that will foster these creative and technical abilities and allow me to continue to emotionally impact audiences through this artistic practice.

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